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We at Beacon To Buyers are a team of ‘beacon-ators’ that has made it a goal to provide our readers with the correct information regarding a product. We try and test the product before writing an honest opinion about it. [Not all of them will be good]

The Beacon to Buyers reviews is based on personal experience. How? We contact our readers that are buyers to share their feedback about the product and we publish that too!

Say goodbye to fake reviews!

“Got my first baby monitor recommended by Beacon”

It was the best decision I could make. The quality of product was only matched by the quality of review and suggestion I got. I wish they keep making blogs like this about more household products.
Barbara Stiles

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The best and the most brutally honest product review that you may find so far. At Beacon To Buyers, we ‘shout out’ the good ones and we ‘call out’ the bad ones!

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Sharing our personal experiences as well as some from our readers. Beacon to Buyers blogs will take you on a virtual tour through all those unexplored lanes. From east to west, you will find the best recommendations here.

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We ‘beacon-ators’ are one big foodie, and nothing can stop us from visiting the best food outlet in the city or the countryside. We eat, drink and review!

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The best way to experience our wide collection of Beacon To Buyers blogs is to read them. Follow us in our social handles and read the most enticing stories to satisfy your palate.

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