Guide to the Best Overhead Shower in India 2021

Experience the goodness of a bath with the best overhead shower. Cleanliness is next to godliness; it’s an old saying which is prevalent in our culture.

In India, cleanliness is given a very important place and regular bathing is followed like a ritual. Not only does bathing cleanse the physical body but it also soothes our mind.

A shower in the morning helps remove sleepiness and keep you fresh for the entire day. The best bath with overhead shower is a refreshing and spiritual experience.

Best Shower Head in India 2021

In the modern lifestyle, a bathroom without a shower head is incomplete. Shower heads look classy, enhances the elegance and are also fun to bathe from.

At the end of the day standing under the best overhead rain shower head can remove the tiredness of the entire day.

Just a few minutes under the warm shower, not only removes the dirt and pollution that the body has accumulated. But it also provides a sense of mental peace and aids in getting sound sleep at night.

Beacon To Buyers’ 5 Best Overhead Shower in India to Choose From

When it comes to choosing bathroom accessories and sanitary products, brands like Jaguar, Cera and Kohler come to our minds. Some of these offer premium products at exorbitant prices.

Then which brand of the shower head is the best that offers a superior product at a reasonable price? We are here to help you with that.

  1. Pour Like Dark Cloud-Kohler Rain Duet
  2. Your Own Rain-ALTON Over Head Shower
  3. Compact Queen-Aquieen H2Micro Overhead Shower Head
  4. Your Curvy Hero-ALTON Overhead Shower
  5. Budget Choice-YISSVIC Rain Shower

How we tried and tested the product, to find the Best Overhead Shower in India 2021

Many brands offer excellent and premium quality bathroom accessories, but they are equally expensive and overpriced due to big brand names.

But we decided not to go with the name and test all the products available. Then we choose the best overhead shower heads based on budget, quality, aesthetics, spray patterns and ease of installation.

We have checked each shower head rigorously for water outlet and inlet speed and quality of shower jet.

To effectively answer your queries like Which brand’s shower head is best? and Which rain shower head is the best?

With the features of each shower head, we have also provided you with the pros and cons of each shower head. And the links to directly buy the best overhead shower head that suits your needs.

#1 Pour Like Dark Cloud-Kohler Rain Duet

Kohler Rain Duet provides a relaxing experience with its steady beats of rain. This best overhead shower kit from Kohler provides multiple sprays in one showerhead with wide coverage.

You can choose from three different sprays for an indulgent showering experience relaxing rain, pulsating massage, and aerated foam to get just the right shower experience.

It boasts of an innovative Katalyst air-induction technology that gives larger, more luxurious water drops by infusing 2.2 liters of air into 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

The round shower is available in Vibrant French Gold and Vibrant Brushed Nickel Finishes and is finished in shiny chrome.

Best Shower Head in India 2021
Pour Like Dark Cloud-Kohler Rain Duet

Made by Kohler, one of the leaders in the industry, its modern look is built for aesthetics and comes with a 10 years warranty. Its chrome finish on the plastic body offers a flawless design.

The water flow is excellent, but the water pressure should be high for some modes. Which brand of shower head is the best? You can choose Kohler.


  • A compact circular design that does not takes large space in your bathroom.
  • Easy to install and comes with a compatible shower arm.
  • It offers multifunction 5 spray modes for different experiences.
  • Equipped with innovative air induction technology that offers a luxurious bathing experience.
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

Pros and Cons

Premium design and lookMaterial is plastic
Compact designSome modes require high pressure
10 years warranty
5 different spray modes

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#2 Your Own Rain-ALTON Best Overhead Shower

If you want to experience the real rain in your bathroom, there’s this rain shower head from Altron.

While it’s ultra-thin (just about 0.08 inch), it comes in an impressive 12×12 inches in circumference and boasts 144 self-cleaning nozzles, so it’s like a big cloud over your head sending down its drops.

If you ask which rain shower head is best? Made of SS-304 grade Stainless Steel with a chrome finish, 2mm ultra-thin edge, and mirror look design it adds beauty to your bathroom.

With the Swivel Ball joint, you can adjust the angle up to 15 degrees and 360-degree rotation to enjoy the shower.

Best Shower Head in India 2021
Your Own Rain-ALTON Over Head Shower

Its Air technology gives you a natural waterfall shower experience through oxygenated water flow, which mixed air to increase the oxygen.

It is fitted with heat resistant silicone nozzle to prevent aging and anti-clogging, which are easy to clean and require less maintenance. This head from Altron is the best overhead rainfall showerhead.


  • With top and bottom mirror surface it easily mixes with the bathroom surrounding.
  • Manufactured of high-grade SU-304 Stainless Steel to offer long and corrosion-free life.
  • Air technology mixes air and water to provide a fine experience and saves water.
  • Silicone-made heat resistant and self-cleaning nozzles.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defect.

Pros and Cons

Mirror finishRequires water pressure
Made of stainless steel
Self-cleaning silicone nozzles
Available in 3 different sizes

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#3 Compact Queen-Aquieen H2 Micro Best Overhead Shower Head

If space is too tight and your shower is on the small side, an enormous shower head is more than required, so this smaller model from Aquieen is the right fit for you.

It boasts all the soothing rainfall experience, with just 4 inches of circumference. Best overhead shower head for low space areas.

It offers five water flows— Mist, Classic Rain, Massaging Pressure Jet, Mist with Rain & Rain with Massaging Pressure Jets for diverse experiences.

Solid brass ball joint and high-quality ABS material, prevents rust and leakage. With chrome finishing, it looks classy and trendy that adds to the contemporary look.

Best Shower Head in India 2021
Compact Queen-Aquieen H2Micro Overhead Shower Head

It is equipped with silicon nozzles that do not allow limescale formation and are easy to clean and maintain.

Without the need for any equipment, you can easily install it on any existing shower arm having an outlet size of 1/2 inches.

It’s as simple as screwing it to the shower tube. You don’t need to worry about how to install overhead shower?


  • Provides five different types of overhead shower flows.
  • Rust and leakage-proof ABS material with solid brass ball joint.
  • The optimum size of 4 inches doe s not takes up a large space in your bathroom.
  • Equipped with silicone nozzles which are easy to maintain.
  • No need for tools or experts with easy installation.

Pros and Cons

Compact size and dimensionsNo shower arm is provided
5 different water flowsMaterial is not stainless steel
Premium look with chrome finishing
Easy Installation

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#4 Your Curvy Hero-ALTON Best Overhead Shower

Alton overhead shower comes with a curvy and classy look. It is made of durable, anti leakage and rustproof ABS with chrome finishing.

The modern design looks solid and sturdy with the 5-inch showerhead. The highly durable swivel joint allows for easy adjustment. Altron provides the best bath for overhead shower in a small area.

Altron comes with six spray patterns to provide your shower versatility beyond any normal shower – mist spray, massage spray, mist and massage spray, rain spray, jet spray, and water-saving mode.

The best of which is mist spray which works by mixing the water passing through the jets with air to give you gentle and pleasant water droplets on your skin.

Best Shower Head in India 2021
Your Curvy Hero-ALTON Overhead Shower

The shower head is easy to maintain and clean. It does not need to be opened, because it has a mesh filter, it needs to be cleaned periodically and this shower comes with auto clean nozzles.

Now if you ask how to fit this overhead shower head? You can use it with any arm of size 1/2 inch and screw it.


  • Curvy and classy design that offers a solid look for modern bathrooms.
  • Made of rustproof and leakproof ABS material with chrome finish.
  • Offers six different modes of water flow.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Pros and Cons

Chrome finish designNo shower arm is provided
Easy to maintainNot made of stainless steel
Compact design

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#5 Budget Choice-YISSVIC Rain Shower

This rain shower head from Yissvic is a wonderful choice for a luxurious rain shower experience, at a nominal price.

The 8-inch stainless steel shower comes with 81 silicone gel shower heads to prevent limescale formation, easy to clean silicone nozzle.

It’s sleek and stylish with 2 mm thickness. It is best overhead rainfall showerhead at nominal price.

With its wide design water flow covers the entire body which provides a penetrating, refreshing bathing experience. It’s easy to install and offers an excellent value for the price.

It comes with a water-saving piece which moderates the water flow rate. You can use it with connecting rod if you care about water wastage.

Best Shower Head in India 2021
Budget Choice-YISSVIC Rain Shower

The nuts and ball joints of this rain shower head are copper plated to prevent rust. The metal filter is present which filters water to prevent clogging and long service life.

You can easily install and attach to any half-inch connecting arm. This best overhead rain shower head can make your life simple.


  • The mirrored design easily blends with any bathroom design.
  • Made with good quality stainless steel.
  • Drown in the rain experience with high-pressure water outlet.
  • Silicone gel spray holes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy installation that does not require any tool.

Pros and Cons

Premium designNo connecting arm is provided
Affordable price
Good quality material
Easy installation

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Buying Guide

The best overhead shower system can provide you with the relaxing shower you deserve without compromising on aesthetics, space, or water pressure.

While a showerhead may seem like an easy-to-use luxurious addition for a bathroom. Their working and requirement may lead to more questions for the user. So, here’s a quick guide.

Best Shower Head in India 2021

Advantages of buying the Best Overhead Shower Head in India


The best over shower head enhance the sophistication and elegance of your bathroom. When selecting a rain shower head, design and looks are also crucial to complement the bathroom style.

The chrome finish or mirror look of a shower head gives it the visual aesthetic and adds to the stylish flair.

Pressure Adjustment

You can adjust the pressure in shower heads unlike with the bucket bath. Pressure can be adjusted to feel like soothing rainwater or a blast of concentrated spray.

You can also opt for falling droplets like mist to enjoy a hot water bath. Or high-pressure jet to get a water massage.

Multiple Settings

You can experience the proximity with nature by using the best overhead rainfall showerhead, as rain showers can mimic natural rain.

It will pour with small drops which creates the relaxing sensation of standing in the rain. Or with larger and wider showerheads and continuous flow, it feels like standing under a waterfall.

Reduced water bill

Some showerheads can help reduce your monthly water bill. With a showerhead with an inbuilt attachment piece. Some showerheads release water to the nozzle in a different manner.

Their inlet system varies too. In other words, you can choose shower heads with water conservation features.


For older people bathing can be difficult. Moving the bucket, bending, moving around all this can be difficult at old age. Soap can be rinsed off more easily.

And for the younger children bathing in the shower is a fun time and brings a smile to their faces.

Features to look for before buying the best Overhead Shower in India

Fixed or Movable Shower Head

You can choose between the fixed shower head or a movable shower head. The fixed shower head is firmly fitted to the wall and cannot be moved around.

They can only be rotated. Movable heads are handheld and directly attached to the hose.

Spray Patterns

Different shower heads allow for different spray patterns like jet spray, mist spray or you can choose from different water pressure.

The different spray patterns can have a different effect on your body and mood, like jet spray with high pressure can be used for massaging your body.

Head Design

You need to find the perfect shower head to match the bathroom decoration. It should have a style flair that complements the looks of your bathroom.

Brass heads, chrome finish, mirror look are some of the design in which shower heads are available.

Built Material

Material from which shower heads are manufactured plays an important role in durability. Showerheads made of chrome or stainless steel last longer than those made of ABS or plastic.

But plastic and ABS showerheads are resistant to rust formation. Also, the material adds to the aesthetics of the showerhead to match the surrounding.

Installation Ease

It should be checked that you can install the showerhead in your bathroom.

Is the installation process complex and requires the use of advanced tools and a plumber? Or its installation is simple just like fitting a screw to the nut?


Shower heads that come with rubber or silicon water jet outlets are easy to maintain and clean.

They also prevent the formation of limestone and rust which can be formed due to the continuous flow of water. Some heads also come with a filter that prevents clogging.

Best Shower Head in India 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far above your head should a rain shower be?

There is no single rule or scientific rule for the height placement of the shower. You should place it at any height that is comfortable for you and your family.

How to clean an overhead shower head?

You should use vinegar to clean metal showerheads and acrylic-safe cleaning formulas to clean ABS or plastic heads. But always remember to never use an abrasive cleaner like a metal sponge or scrubber. Always use a soft fiber cloth.

Do rain shower heads use more water than other overhead showers?

No, shower heads are mixed with air to reduce the amount of water used. Modern shower heads use 7 liters of water while a normal shower uses about 20 liters of water.

How to fit overhead shower head?

Most overhead shower heads are simple to install. They can be easily screwed in existing shower arms. Some special ones may require you to take help of a plumber.

Can overhead showers heat water?

Yes, some overhead showers can heat the water before dispensing it. Such showers require you to plug them into the power supply.

Beacon’s take on Buying the Best Overhead Shower in India

With the above recommendations and product guide, we are sure that you must have got answers to your questions. How to add overhead shower head? or Which shower head has the best pressure?

These are some questions answered. So that your bathing time becomes a meditation experience, choose the best overhead shower system.

You can also check out our guide on Some of the best Sanitary Ware Products for your home, and why it is a must. Your house needs to look the best, and we help you achieve it.

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