How to Straighten Hair Naturally and Easily: 5 Great Tips!

What would your reaction be if I said that it was possible to straighten hair naturally, and at home? Shock? Disbelief? Well, what if I tell you that I tried it, and it worked?

Hair straightening has been a fixture among girls for a long time now. And can they blame us? Who doesn’t want straight hair? The silky-smooth texture running across your fingers is almost every girl’s dream.

But, achieving straight hair is not an easy task. Most people avoid it because of the chemicals and the excessive heat it requires.

According to some recent studies, it has been found that hair straightening using chemicals can cause your hair to lose its shine and become limp, unhealthy, and brittle.

When I read that article, I was terrified. Why? Like you, I love styling my hair daily, which requires straightening my hair.

But after realizing the adverse effects of the chemical on my hair, I immediately decided to say a hard NO to chemicals and despite thinking it was impossible initially, I started using ways to straighten hair naturally.

straight hair, straighten hair naturally at home

Straight hair will never leave style. Many people long for the beautiful, smooth, and incredibly stylish look that straight hair can give you.

Luckily, there are some different techniques for wavy or curly hair to fix and straighten hair naturally, without utilizing any heat or synthetic chemicals.

You won’t get the stick-straight look from the iron by trying to straighten hair naturally, but you will most certainly have much healthier, stronger and more voluminous hair.

So read along as I share some of my personal tips and tricks to straighten hair naturally at home so that you can achieve that glamorous look without compromising on the health of your luscious hair.

Straighten Hair Naturally: Here’s How!

Brush – Dry – And Repeat

hair brush, straighten hair naturally at home

This is a very simple method and the first one I’d suggest to straighten hair naturally. All you have to do is shampoo your hair and leave it to dry. After 5 minutes, use your comb and brush it.

Repeat the step at regular intervals of 5 minutes. In case, you find any twirl or curl, try to straighten them by pulling them slightly and brushing it. Make sure that you are not using a hairdryer.

It may take a lot of time, and consume effort, but trust me- it is worth it.

Friendly Tip: Brush your hair under a fan.

You can try out our recommended Vega Hair Brush from Amazon, which I have personally tried. Less hair fall and tangles. Plus it always gives my hair a nice natural straight texture.

Roll, Roll and Roll

Rolling hair, straighten hair naturally.
Dividing your wet hair and rolling it around soda cans can also do the trick sometimes

This method is for people who are a bit lazy but still want to try and straighten hair naturally. It’s easy and quick but will require some extra accessories like soda cans or small bottles. When your hair is wet, divide it into small sections.

Now wrap those sections over the soda can tightly. Wrapping it tightly is important as you do not want even the slightest moisture to be retained in your hair.

Moisture can cause your hair to curl back. Let the rolls remain like that until your hair completely dries off.

Twisting the Bun

Hair bun, hair care

A rather simple yet admittedly not a very effective step for most people with curls to straighten hair naturally, this method still works for people having slightly wavy hair.

A fair word of warning, though: this method will NEVER work for curly hair, so if you have curly hair like mine, don’t even bother reading this step, just skip to the next.

So, in this method, you have to tie your hair into a ponytail after you have shampooed your hair and while it is still wet, wrap it around (twist) across the rubber band and fasten it tightly. Let it dry naturally.

Make your own Hair Mask

hair mask, hair straightening

Dear people with curly hair, for those of you who find it to be an almost Herculean task to straighten your hair even through chemicals, this is the best method that I can suggest.

You can make your own hair mask at home, and use it the night before you have to go to some event or party. One of the best hair mask solutions that I found online was the Coconut Milk and Fresh Lemon Juice combination.

For this mask, you will require ¼ cup of coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Using bentonite clay is also a very good option. You can click on the given link to read our guide on how to make your own bentonite clay hair mask.

Mix both of them well, and keep it in the refrigerator for one night. You can apply this mixture in the morning, and leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Shampoo your hair, and let it dry naturally. You can use this treatment once every week, but if you have vigorously curly hair, then my suggestion will be to repeat it twice every week.

You can also buy natural hair mask from Amazon, which will save you a lot of time and patience. Click the below links to get yourself some good hair mask that we have tried and tested.

Spray it with Milk

Straighten hair naturally, milk spray, hair care

Most of us know that milk is objectively good for health, but did you know it is also good for your hair? Yes, truly, milk can do wonders for your hair and is one of the best things you can ever find to straighten hair naturally.

All you have to do is get ¼ cup of milk and a spray bottle. This is the most suitable method for girls who are lazy or do not have time to spare for their hair.

Use the spray bottle to spray milk into your hair. Mask it with milk, but not too much. Leave it be as it is for around 30 minutes, and wash it off with cool water.

You can repeat this once or twice in a week, depending upon your hair texture.

So, there goes my list of the best tips and tricks to straighten your hair naturally. I really hope that it works, because some of those above methods have been tried and tested by me – and all of them worked.

Chemicals are the root cause for hair fall, and you can never compromise when it comes to hair- so GO NATURAL and always remember: straighten hair naturally, it’s possible!

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