Top 4 Reasons You Should Hire A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

Well! Well! Well! Here comes the bride-to-be! Before I even start with my article, congratulations! Also, all the best, because girl, yes, it can be a stressful event, what with shopping for the right dress and jewelry, managing guests, the food, decorations, venues and not to forget- the DRESS.

But aren’t you forgetting something very important? Yep, your makeup! Here’s my article on 4 reasons why I absolutely think that you MUST hire a makeup artist for your big day.

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Most brides-to-be tend to move their makeup to the end of their list because hair-care/self-care and makeup is easy stuff, right?

You do that every day, so you can do it by yourself on your wedding day too, who needs to hire a makeup artist for that? How ‘professional’ can they get? It’s just unnecessary expenditure.

Okay, hold on now! Take it from me, there’s not going to be enough time for you to deal with your dress, your hair, and then makeup.

You have to be stress-free, and relax, because it’s supposed to be YOUR day, for crying out loud! No tension on your wedding day. One way you could actually make that happen? Hire a makeup artist. Period.

When I started writing this article, I couldn’t help but go back to the day I got married. And trust me, it wasn’t an easy affair.

I had to manage the flowers, the decorations and look after the guests as well, because of course, nothing is perfect for the bride until she has cross-checked everything herself. And yes, I was supposed to do my makeup by myself as well.

I changed my decision at the last minute because THERE WAS NO TIME!

I realized that if I wanted to keep my sanity intact, I just HAD to hire a makeup artist. I had to then scurry around to get the best make-up artist and luckily, they addressed my woes as they had an empty slot.

Now coming back to you: please, never make the mistake to go for a last-minute call. I got lucky, but you may not. And if that still is not a big enough reason, let me share a few points with you that will surely change your mind.

A Professional Makeup Artist Is A Professional, And You Are Not

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There! I said it. There’s a very specific reason why makeup courses exist, and why so many people (celebrities, the rich, the list is long) always choose to hire a makeup artist and a wedding planner – because it’s not easy.

Getting your makeup spot-on, ensuring that it goes with your dress, seeing to it that the decorations do not look, in layman terms, ‘too much’ is something that these professionals live to do.

They know the secrets, the art of making your makeup look natural. Also, you are going to be at your wedding venue for more than 12 hours, so you need to get makeup that stays on well.

Only the best makeup artist can do that because (duh!) they are professionals.

Timing Is Important

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I am sure that no bride wants to be late to her wedding. Hurrying into the dress, no time for photo-shoots – It’s a nightmare to even think about it. If you are thinking of doing your makeup yourself, buckle up, because it’s going to take time!

You need to get your eyeliner perfectly winged, the mascara to be spot on, and not to forget, the contouring.

No girl wants to look fat at her wedding! But just think about it, can you really do all of that fast?

Let me save you some time and answer the question for you: No, you can’t!

Your knight in shining armor (other than your husband-to-be, of course, ha-ha)? Your makeup artist! This is exactly why you should hire a makeup artist to step in and do your makeup.

They do it fast, quick, and easy. So you get a lot of time for the lovely photo-shoot you have been waiting for so long.

You Can Actually Direct Them!

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How many times have you gone through the pictures of celebrities getting married? Checked out their makeup, their dress, and hairstyle? Dreamed about having the same look they had?

Well, all this can come true if you follow my lead. You can easily show your makeup artist the picture or explain to them the kind of look you want, and they are going to help you look like the queen you are!

And always remember, those stunning celebrity brides whose wedding photos you come across in the tabloids and then curse your fate to high hell because you know that you sure as hell won’t look as good as them on your wedding day no matter how hard you tried moving heaven and earth?

They hire a makeup artist too! (I mean of course, come on, right!)

In case you wish to do your own makeup and are still not all that pumped to hire a makeup artist, here are some practical and useful tips for you by professional bridal makeup artists.

I know of some amazing makeup products available on Amazon, which are perfect for creating the look of a celeb. You will find the list along with their buying links right below.

Creating A Photogenic Makeup

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A very important factor indeed. How many times have you experienced this- You do your makeup, look in the mirror, and think it’s amazing. But the instant you click a picture of yourself, it turns out to be, umm, not so great? Why is that?

The reason is simple. It’s because you don’t know what shade and color will work out well for photographs. At a wedding, you are going to stand under lights and hues of a different color.

Only when you hire a makeup artist who knows what they’re doing will you get THE look that will look great on you (and the cameras as well).

There goes my rant on why you should hire a makeup artist for your wedding. Getting married is a serious task for us ladies, something only a fellow woman will understand.

So panic not! We have your back. The professionals know what they are doing. They are accustomed to customers and their demands. Personally, I have never seen a bride makeup fail under any professional makeup artist yet.

So, for the last time, hire a makeup artist, or go for all the suggested products by professional makeup artists in our blog, and you are going to (let’s quote Rihanna here) “Shine bright like a Diamond”.

You can also try buying full make up sets that almost have everything that you may wish for in your wedding. We have recommended makeup sets along with some perfect brush sets to go with it. Click on the Amazon links below to buy.

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