Top 5 Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021

Shapewear is one of the oldest inventions. People wore shapewear since 1600 BC. The first noted evidence of shapewear was discovered in Greece.

Initially, the purpose was of the first thin layer was to protect oneself from feeling cold. Later on, it was mostly worn by a woman to help keep the ‘ideal’ shape and fit into tighter clothes.

The evolution has helped a lot of men and women in this current era. 

The process of finding the perfect shapewear can be time-intensive. Finding the right material and fit can also cost a lot of money.

Whether you wear a cocktail dress or a sundress, a good Spanx can go a long way. It helps boost confidence and self-esteem. The search for the best shapewear for women and men ends here.

This article has the basic guide to help you find answers to the most asked question – which is the best shapewear in India? Good shapewear can help both men and women of all sizes and shapes. 

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Which brand of shapewear is the best? 

Various local and international brands have hit the Indian Spanx market. These brands cater to the needs of Indians. Compared to the rest of the world, the sizes of clothing have to be customized to the average proportions of Indian bodies.

If you like to know what’s best shapewear then you have landed the right articles. A lot of brands work on creating products targeting Indian customers. It is also important to understand which shapewear works best in terms of functionality and fit.

This article will look at the best shapewear for tummy and waist in India. Following are some of the brands and their products that are popular right now. 

Beacon To Buyer’s Top 5 in Best Shapewear for Women

  1. Costafrey – High Waist Shapewear
  2. Adorna – Women’s Bodysuit
  3. Gopalvilla – Cotton Lycra Tummy Control
  4. FitonDay – Waist Trainer Shapewear
  5. Mysha – No Wire Shapewear

How we tried and tested the product to find the best shapewear in India?

In general, shapewear is personal and every person likes a specific fit. Therefore, the reviews on amazon were not always easy to judge.

Thanks to all the brands mentioned here, we got a chance to test the quality of each of these products. Our experts helped us understand what kind of shapewear are in fashion today.

We also considered the price ranges for the shapewear. With some research, we curated the list based on multiple factors such as the quality of the cloth, wired or non-wired, etc.

It is not easy to pick the list of best shapewear for men and women. However, we tried to consider products that work for various occasions and underneath different types of clothing.

From the best shapewear for saree to the best shapewear for dresses, we got almost all the components covered. This guide will help you identify the type of shapewear that you wish to purchase. 

#1 Costafrey – High Waist Shapewear

Price: ₹ 599

This clothing is designed to help women or men to feel better in their attires. It makes tucks the excess fat and gives the appearance of a well-toned personality.

There is firm support from the bottom to the mid-section region. It will make you look slimmer. It is the best shapewear to wear under jeans. It is seamless and there will be no bulging.

The design of the product helps people who wish to wear high-waisted bottoms. It also the best shapewear with pee flap that is useful for men and women.

One of the greatest struggles is faced without the presence of the flap. This shapewear takes care of this aspect as well. Anyone with a waist range of 30-38 will find this shapewear useful

Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021
Costafrey – High Waist Shapewear

It is comfortable to wear. It is also easy to breathe unlike some other products in the market. The texture and shape of this inner clothing are amazing and well received by people.

If you are wondering which brand of shapewear is the best, then look no further than this one. No one will even notice that you are wearing something beneath the regular clothing. 


SizeFree Size
Closure TypeSnap
Age RangeAdult

Pros and Cons

Made of stainless steelSize compression is less
LightweightSingle-tone, no other colors
High-quality cottonSize beyond 30-38 not available

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#2 Adorna – Women’s Bodysuit

Price: ₹ 714

For women with cellulite, it can be difficult to feel good in one’s skin. A few modifications in clothing can go a long way. It will help you feel great about yourself.

Adorna brings you its version of shape-lifter that helps in tucking away all the unwanted stuff. So that you can fit into your beautiful dress. You do not have to worry about any more bumps.

The material with which this shapewear is made out of is 4d stretchable. Also, in case you are susceptible to allergies, this product is the best one for you. As the material is predominantly cotton.

It is the best shapewear for plus size. Often, there are only certain sizes available for different brands. But Adorna brings you a wide range of sizes for women of all shapes. 

Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021
Adorna – Women’s Bodysuit

This is a mid-waist raised shapewear, works perfectly for all kinds of clothing like dresses, jeans, etc. This is by far the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. It is easy to slide into without any discomfort.

You can now flaunt your curves with one and only Adorna’s shapewear. It is easy to walk in and feel confident. 


SizeS, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Closure TypeSnap
WashingMachine Wash

Pros and Cons

Convertible strapsFabric is thin and delicate
Material is good for sensitive skinSize chart is not accurate
Pee flaps available for functionalityOnly two colours available – black or beige

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#3 Gopalvilla – Cotton Lycra Tummy Control

Price: ₹ 399

The 4-in-1 tummy tucker is a blessing in disguise. That runs from thigh to high-waist. It can be labeled as the best shapewear for plus size.

This shapewear makes people with large tummies feel slightly slimmer and slenderer. The material is cotton lycra which is easy to breathe in. It is embedded with high compression technology. 

The item is available in skin colour (and black) which blends with skin tone. The material used for making this product is polyester & spandex. Which makes it stretchable and soft to touch.

The high elasticity allows it to be used multiple times by people of varied sizes. It is also the best shapewear for saree as it can be stretched to the desired position. 

Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021
Gopalvilla – Cotton Lycra Tummy Control

To answer the question of what is the shapewear on the market, we need to investigate and learn what this product has to offer. As mentioned, it has all the qualities that one looks for in shapewear.

It can be easily called the best shapewear for tummy in India. It can be worn underneath formal and informal attires. 


SizeFree Size
Fabric TypeCotton Lycra

Pros and Cons

HandwashDoes not have a pee flap
Gives good back supportDifficult for pear-shaped bodies
High compression at the waist regionHard to find the right size

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#4 FitonDay – Waist Trainer Shapewear

Price: ₹ 270 – 688

The hunt for the best shapewear ends here. If you are constantly on the internet typing and searching for – best shapewear near me, then this product of Fitonday is the perfect match for you.

It gives great support from the back as well as the front. Even when you sit down, it does not roll-up. This works well for both men and women.

From the thighs to mid-waist, the shapewear gives good compression. To answer which shapewear works best for slightly heavier people – this product will help with making your tummy appear flat.

It is also great to hide or tuck away the love handles. Often people have bad posture. This shapewear helps you feel supported in the back which helps you with good posturing. 

Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021
FitonDay – Waist Trainer Shapewear

The material used to manufacture this shapewear is Spandex. A bit of Nylon is also added to it. This makes the product lightweight.

There are no visible seams, it will give an overall smooth look in all regions. It is great for wearing underneath short dresses, as it starts high up from thighs. 


SizeSmall, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
ColorBlack and Beige
MaterialNylon and Spandex
Washing InstructionsHand-wash only

Pros and Cons

LightweightNot suitable in hot climates
Seamless lookNo pee flaps
Good compression

Buying Link

#5 Mysha – No Wire Shapewear

Price: ₹ 399 – 449

To look slim and slender, Mysha has launched the tummy tucker shapewear that can go a long way for women. Doesn’t matter if you wish to wear it to the office or park.

If you are trying to find what shapewear is the best – this tummy tucker works well with all kinds of clothing.

However, it is more suitable for tight tank tops as it offers great compression on the top half of the body. This shapewear is from chest to waist length. Covering a good portion of your mid-section.

In case if you would like to know what’s the best shapewear for love handles, then go for the Mysha tummy tucker shapewear.

It is designed to compress the fat across your belly with almost no effort. 

Best Shapewear for Women in India 2021
Mysha – No Wire Shapewear

Also, to answer the most asked question – what is the best shapewear for plus size men or women. Well, Mysha takes up the job of helping the people who struggle to find the right shapewear.

Their compression technology solves the problem of pushing the excess fat in. This helps boost confidence and one can feel good in their skin. 


SizeX – L
Care InstructionsHand-wash only
Fabric Type95% cotton, 5% spandex
ClosurePull on

Pros and Cons

It is good for tummy tuckingShort length
Size ranges are flexibleDoesn’t work with long dresses
Made with pee flapsThe material is too sticky

Buying Link

Buying Guide

Clothes are an important part of all our lives. How we look matters a lot to each one of us. Therefore, we are conscious about what looks good on us and what does not.

Shapewear goes a step further to help us feel comfortable in what we wear.

A lot of questions like what are the best shapewear jeans or what are the best shapewear underwear will cross your mind while you hunt for the best shapewear in India.

We will help you find answers to questions like these through this buying guide. We will try to learn which brand of shapewear is the best.

This guide will be your handbook for reference in case you are struggling to pick the shapewear for yourself. 

Are Spanx the best shapewear?

Spanx is short for Spandex which is synthetic fiber. It has the elastic property to build products like shapewear, leggings, etc. Du Pont is the first company to start using this material to make clothes.

Later in 2010, Sara Blakely founded a company called Spanx. If you ask who makes the best shapewear? or who sells the best shapewear? 

It would be hands down the company Spanx. They are the giants of the shapewear industries across the globe. 

The most asked question – is Spanx the best tummy control? Well, the company Spanx has put in a lot of effort in finding the right fashion technology that works in compressing human fat.

A lot of Indian brands are now taking inspiration from Spanx to produce high-quality products that both men and women can use in their day-to-day life. 

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What are the best shapewear brands?

The world-famous brand Spanx has inspired the entire clothing industry to invest in making shapewear products for both men and women.

There are a lot more companies willing to put their resources and look for the best technologies that would create suitable shapewear for people of different sizes and shapes.

When trying to find what is the best shapewear to buy, you will come across a lot of brands. Here are some companies that are great at what they do.


Adorna shadows the manufacturers named – SHK brands private limited. To answer the question who makes the best shapewear? – SHK brands manufacture shapewear for all genders.

Their focus is on the Indian customers who are now using shapewear for different purposes. They claim to be the first in using cotton as a prime material in the production of shapewear.

As cotton is more suited for the customers in India. Often, we wonder what are the best shapewear underwear, one can always reply on Adorna’s shapewear collection.

The brand has put in a lot of effort in taking care of customer’s needs. They are a fast-growing business in the lingerie industry. 


Gopavilla is an established nightwear company established back in 1988. They are experts at making inner-wear. They keep adapting to all the latest trends in the lingerie world.

Even when it comes to shapewear, they put their best pieces forward. If you are wondering what are the best shapewear knickers, then try the products from Gopavilla. It will give you products that are shrink-proof and smooth in texture. 

These are just two out of the various brands that are currently in the market. So, to answer the obvious question – who has the best shapewear?

These two brands make the best shapewear in India. These brands provide items of different price ranges for a diverse group of customers. 

How to choose the best shapewear?

While choosing shapewear, it is important to understand what works for you. Now that we know who sells the best shapewear, it is important to learn how to pick the right shapewear.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before purchasing your favorite spandex inner-wear.

#1 Know your material

Based on the climate you live in pick the material. If you live in a cold place, nylon would work fine. However, in case you live in a hot and humid place – you need to pick cotton-based shapewear. 

#2 What are you using the shapewear for?

Shapewear is multipurpose clothing. Some wear it to hide a huge paunch while others are just looking to give their bodies a seamless shape.

Acknowledge the purpose of wearing shapewear and then decide what’s the best shapewear for tummy? or what is best shapewear for a wedding dress?

Pick the shapewear according to the occasion and the clothes that you decide to wear on a given day. 

#3 How long are you going to wear the shapewear for?

Most of the shapewear now comes with pee flaps. It is often hard to find which best shapewear has pee flaps. However, there are a few that don’t.

So, if you are looking to wear your shapewear for long durations then it is better to get the one with pee flaps. 

#4 Pick the right colour tone for the shapewear

Whatever clothes you decide to wear, it is necessary to buy the shapewear that goes well with your attire. Pick the shapewear color according to the outfit. 

#5 Look at the washing instruction

Make sure that the shapewear that you purchase lasts long. Check for the washing instructions.

Some are good for hand wash while others work for machine wash. Chose the shapewear suiting your washing methods.

Best Shapewear for tummy tucker near me: Where can I buy the best shapewear?

Buying shapewear can be a personal thing. Therefore, where you buy it from matters a lot. Most people wish to order it from the comfort of their home. While others like to touch and feel the material.

Either way, Amazon and some other online platforms offer great flexibility while buying. Understand that most undergarments cannot be returned after purchase.

So, make sure you take the proper measurements and refer to the size chart given by them. This will help you decide the best place to buy shapewear near me.

It will show you models wearing the said product. Look at the reviews of other customers and see what they think about the product. 

What are different kinds of shapewear available in the market?

There are various functionalities of shapewear. Each serving a different purpose in people’s life. Following is a list of various types that one can choose from.

While trying to understand what’s the best shapewear on the market, it is also important to know what types of shapewear exist. Following are some of the types that one can check out. 

  1. Tummy tucker 
  2. Camisole
  3. Bodysuit 
  4. Thigh/leg shaper
  5. Open-bust shaper
  6. High waist brief

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to wear a belt with the shapewear?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear a belt.

Can we return the shapewear if it does not fit

Most brands do not accept returns or exchanges after purchase. Consult the brand if necessary.

Does tummy tucker help with fat loss?

No, tummy tucker is a temporary fat compression clothing. it does not help with weight loss.

Does it hurt if you wear a shapewear for long duration?

No, there is no pain. If you experience any pain due to shapewear, then avoid wearing it.

Do shapewear come with pads?

Some shapewear have padding for support.

Can I wear it as a sleepwear?

Yes, if you feel comfortable in it.

Beacon’s take on Best Shapewear for Women in India

Shapewear has become common in today’s lifestyle. Depending on your style of clothing you can pick the perfect match for yourself.

The purpose of this article was to address some essential questions like – where to buy the best shapewear? what is the best shapewear for a big tummy?

After examining different brands of shapewear, hopefully, you will now be able to pick the best shapewear for yourself.

The most important part of living is loving oneself, if that means to look and feel great in your favourite outfit – go ahead and buy shapewear to become the most confident version of yourself. 

If you liked our review of Best Shapewear for Women in India, you can also go through our guide on the Top 5 Best Baby Monitors in India in 2021.

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