Khau Galli Mumbai to the Chowpatty. Try best street foods – Guide to top 5 dishes

Cuisine of Mumbai

Mumbai being a cosmopolitan area is not only known for its posh areas but also for its delicious and scrumptious-looking dishes. Khau Galli Mumbai is known for such exquisite cuisine. The cuisine of Mumbai is very much influenced by Maharashtrian cuisine and hugely comprises street food dishes.

The culture of Mumbai is very diverse, hence both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes can be found with similar preparation, spices, flavors, and taste.

The staple food for the people of Mumbai is mainly rice, curries, chapatis and rotis (Indian bread made with wheat), and seafood (mainly fish).

The cuisine of Mumbai sees a blend of authentic, traditional and continental mix of flavours. There are several street stalls that sell Vada Pav (a street food) with a continental twist.

The cuisine of Mumbai has dishes that are prepared with local ingredients like coconuts, peanut oil, and cashew nuts, cooked in large pots and vessels in a very ethnic manner.

Mumbai is also known for its tasty chaats, is a kind of savoury snack that is a mix of sweet and sour ingredients. They are sold in various food carts and stalls by the roadside of Mumbai and is popular all over the country, such as Bhel, Papri Chaat, Samosa Chaat, and much more.

Local Dishes of Mumbai

  • The city comprises a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian assortments of food, that is prepared with locally grown ingredients.
  • The Konkani Coastal meal is another major part of the local Mumbai cuisine which is known for its use of spices like garam masala (a blend of seasonings) and red chili powder. The Konkani dishes are very spicy and are always accompanied by rice to tame the amount of heat from the curry.
  • Apart from food carts, the streets of Mumbai also houses various restaurants that offer ethnic vegetarian meals like Varan Bhat (a combination of rice and pulse), Koshimbir (salad), and Pale Bhaji (a preparation of green vegetables).
  • Other than the savory dishes, Aamras which is prepared from Mango puree is another tasty assortment here, that is a must-try but is only available seasonally.

In general, the cuisine of Mumbai is incomplete without seafood. The Koli (fisherman) Community of Mumbai has also contributed a lot towards the development of seafood dishes in the city. Various appetizers comprising of fish like grilled fish, baked fish; main courses like Fish Thali (Platter), Chanak Fish, etc are very prevalent here.

Cannon Pav Bhaji – Kanda Batata Poha

Khau galli special - Kanda Batata Poha  at Cannon Pav Bhaji
Kanda Batata Poha at Cannon Pav Bhaji

If you want to have the real feel of Mumbai, then Cannon Pav Bhaji Restaurant is the one-stop for you to get the taste of Mumbai’s local delicacies. The place is known for serving various street food and quick bites like Pav Bhaji, Poha, Misal Pav, and much more.

Their most popular dish is the Pav Bhaji and the Kanda Batata Poha. Pav Bhaji is a very famous Bombay (old name for Mumbai) Street food. It is made up of mashed vegetables with spices and served with Pav (Bun Bread). The bun bread is spread with butter and toasted on the pan.

The Pav Bhaji is a dish that will surely satisfy your savoury tongue, as the spices and butter melt in your mouth, leaving you with a lasting impression.

The Kanda Batata Poha is another dish that you will like. The dish originated in the state of Maharashtra but is also prepared in different ways in the states of Odisha, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka.

The Poha is made out of rice that is processed and flattened, later roasted with onion, cumin seeds, chilies, and curry leaves. The Kanda Batata Poha is a variation of the traditional Poha where Kanda (onion) is mixed with Poha and chopped potatoes, peas, carrots, and other vegetables. Even Khau Galli Mumbai is popular for this dish. It is served with a Batata which is a potato mash patty coated with chickpea flour and deep fried.

People from all over the regions of Khau Galli Mumbai come over to the Cannon Pav Bhaji restaurant to taste their unique, delicious Kanda Batata Poha.

Aram Vada Pav – Vada Pav & Special Masala Tea

Vada Pav

Coming to Khau Galli Mumbai and not trying the Vada Pav is considered a crime. The Vada Pav is also named the ‘Poor Man’s Burger’ and it originated in the state of Maharashtra.

Places to visit in Mumbai - Vada Pav from Aram Batata Vada
Vada Pav from Aram Batata Vada

Apart from being part of the Khau Galli street food, the Vada Pav is an emotion to the people of Khau Galli Mumbai. It is a part of their daily evening snack. Whether it be with tea or some milkshake, occasions like marriage or birthday; Vada Pav is the main dish, to begin with.

The Vada is a pakoda (fritter) made of mashed potatoes with seasonings and chilli powder, dipped into a pea flour slurry and deep fried. The Pav is the bun bread which is toasted in butter.

The Vada is then stuffed into the bun, along with some sweet and tangy chutney (paste).

It is then served with garlic chutney (paste), and deep-fried green chillies.

The Aram Vada Pav stall is known for serving various variants of Vada Pav such as Schezwan Vada Pav, which is prepared by replacing the traditional chutney with a Schezwan sauce; and the Grilled Cheese Vada Pav.

Masala Tea

Having a taste of the Vada Pav is not enough if you haven’t tried combining it with the Masala Tea.

The Masala Tea is an evening beverage for the people of Khau Galli Mumbai, but some locales also choose to have it in the morning before breakfast. The Mumbai street food is incomplete with a cup of chai.

The tea is made using potted utensils with various spices like cardamom, cinnamon sticks and other aromatic spice like cloves and ginger.

Masala Chai is one of the most favorite drinks of Indians all across the globe. Khau Galli Mumbai has one of the best tea stalls in the town.
Try Masala Chai in Mumbai

The strong aroma and taste of the Masala tea will fill your body and soul with energy, and the concoction of spice will leave a tantalizing taste in your mouth. Tea has a special place in the cuisine of Mumbai.

Tea is very important for the people of India, and the same could be said for the population of Mumbai. Known as ‘chai’ in the local language, tea finds its place in the morning regime of every single person in India.


Did you know that the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, used to be a tea seller in his struggling days. He is a motivation to us, that no job is big or small as long as you have your heart into it. And look at him now, he has come a long way from being a tea seller to running an entire Nation.

Bachelor’s Ice Cream Parlour – Thandai Ice-Cream Single Scoop

The thandai is a cold drink that originated from the northern states of India. It is often associated with Lord Shiva (The Hindu God of Destruction) and consumed in the celebration of Maha Shivratri (Annual celebration to mark the day Lord Shiva was married) or festivals like Holi (Hindu festival of colors).

While exploring the khau Galli Mumbai street food, don't forget to try the local ice parlor
Bachelor’s Ice Cream

The thandai also is known as ‘shardai’ in some regions, is prepared by mixing ground almonds, with rose petals, fennel seeds, pepper, cardamom, milk, sugar, saffron, watermelon kernels and vetiver seeds.

Although the thandai is supposed to be a cold drink, Bachelor’s Ice-Cream Parlour is known for introducing this new variant of thandai as ice-cream. They prepare thandai in various flavours like Rose thandai, Mango thandai, and Badam Kesar thandai, later they churn the thandai in an ice-cream churner and serve it to you with your choice of toppings.


There exists a variant of thandai known as ‘Bhang Thandai’ where the leaves of cannabis are infused with the drink.

Khau Galli Mumbai- Street Food

The origin of Khau Galli Mumbai

Mumbai street food came into existence to serve the everyday workers – taxi drivers, construction workers, etc. As the cuisine of Mumbai expanded various dishes from south and north of the country started to enter the Khau Galli Mumbai. The street food of Mumbai kept growing with passage of time.

  • Khau Galli Mumbai is where the true foodie soul of Mumbai resides. From munchy quick bites to delicious lip-smacking desserts, the Khau Galli Mumbai has everything in store for you.
  • The ‘Khau’ stands for ‘Eat’ and ‘Galli’ means ‘Lane’; and it truly is an eating paradise. The lanes of Khau Galli Mumbai are always packed and crowded with people, starting from lunchtime, till midnight.
  • You can find various streets like Khau Gall Mumbai, mostly near offices, colleges or Railway Stations, as these are the places with the most population around. The Khau Galli Indian street food is the best of its kind.
  • Khau Galli Mumbai is famous for serving street foods, and the street food of Mumbai is what makes the cuisine of this metropolitan city, popular all over the world.

Every person who visits Mumbai speaks highly about the Khau Galli Indian street food. The diversity in cuisine is what makes it such an attraction for food lovers. Bloggers and foodies come here often to the Khau Galli Mumbai to try the local Mumbai street food.

Street Food of Mumbai

What makes the street food of Khau Gali Mumbai unique is not only the taste but also the fact that people belonging to rich Economic backgrounds, also choose to relinquish it into the street food of the Khau Galli Mumbai.

Khau Galli Mumbai street food is what brings the entire populace of Mumbai together, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. This is the best place to explore the cuisine of Mumbai. The passion for food makes everyone come together in the Khau Galli Mumbai, meet people, share food and make new friends each day.

The food is prepared right in front of you, where you can see the vendor preparing dishes in large amounts on big Tawas. (large, flat, disc-shaped cookware) and Kadhais (thick, circular cooking pot). The instant you walk into a Khau Galli Mumbai, your lungs will be filled with the instant aroma of spices, butter, and seasonings of the dishes being prepared.

The price of street food dishes is very less as compared to the price of food in restaurants and hotels. Khau Galli Mumbai will bring water to your mouth. You can find the most popular street food at Khau Galli Mumbai. You can dig into will be Pani Puri, Bhelpuri, Dahi puri, sandwiches, dabeli, Vada Pav, Dosas, omelette-pav, and many more.

Ideal Corner – Lagan Nu Custard

The origin of Parsi Community in Mumbai

Mumbai was known in the past as ‘Bombay’ used to be a major trading post for India as it had a dockyard of its own. Apart from the dishes at Khau Galli Mumbai dishes, there are delicacies that have an interesting story. Ships with voyagers and merchants came from all over the world, to do business in Mumbai.

Similarly, the amalgamation of Mumbai attracted the Parsi community as well. The community has contributed a lot towards shaping the culture and cuisine of Mumbai in its current state.

Besides the street food of Mumbai, the Parsi food is also popular. The food is highly influenced by the cuisine of Khau Galli Mumbai. Parsis have added their own flavors to it.

During the 8th to the 10th century, the Zoroastrians in order to avoid oppression from Greater Persia migrated to India and settled around the regions of Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

The Parsi people got mixed with the culture and traditions of India, by adopting the local language, clothes, eating habits and much more.

But that didn’t stop them from introducing some of the very mouth-watering Parsi dishes to the Indian Community such as Chicken Farcha (fried chicken), Dhansak (mutton gravy), Sali Murghi (gravy chicken), Sev (vermicelli), and ravo (pudding).

Lagan Nu Custard

 A popular dish from the Parsi cuisine of Mumbai
Lagan Du Custard
  • A noteworthy dish introduced by the Parsi cuisine of Mumbai is the Lagan Nu Custard. It is a very famous Parsi dessert and is a major part of the dishes served in a Parsi Wedding.
  • The Lagan Nu Custard is made with homogenized milk, semolina, sugar, eggs, butter, and spices like cardamom, nutmeg powder, almonds, and raisins.
  • The milk is allowed to boil with semolina and sugar. Later, condensed milk is added to the mixture, and cooked for 2 minutes. The mixture is then stirred with eggs and spices, preheated in the oven, and served hot with toppings of almonds and raisins.
  • The Ideal Corner is a popular joint for Parsi cuisine, where you can taste the best Lagan Nu Custard, baked fresh and served hot.


By now you must have become aware that Mumbai is a blend of culture and cuisine, contributed from various communities. Khau Galli Mumbai is a big name and a huge monastery for street food.

From the Koli Community to the Konkani Coastal Dishes, from Street food to the Parsi dishes, Mumbai has something to offer for everyone. Apart from that, Mumbai also is known for its South Indian dishes.

The start for Mumbai’s south Indian dishes began from Matunga, which saw a large number of South Indian people residing there. Khau Galli Mumbai has delicious south Indian cuisine as well.

An individual named Rama Nayak was the first to set up a Udupi cuisine-based restaurant near the King Circle Station, which marked the beginning of the blend of South India with West India. Dosas, Mysore Masala Dosa, Idli, Upma, Fried Idli are the specialties here.

Along with the South Indian dishes, there also exists the Nothern cuisine comprising highly of Punjabi dishes such as Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Roti, Chicken Butter Masala, Lassi, and Dal Tadka. All these dishes are available at cheap prices at Khau Galli Mumbai.

Cusine of Mumbai also reflects Mangalorean cuisine to some extent. The seafood of Mumbai gets mixed and served with the Mangalorean Neer Dosa (rice pancake), and this is what makes India so diverse. We mix and match food, culture, and traditions to come up with something new every time.

There exists a very popular combination of mutton or seafood like squid and clams, combined with the Neer Dosa that the people of Mumbai love to eat. The Neer Dosa is crispy and it adds the right amount of crisp to a gravy-laden dish.

Overall, Mumbai has come a long way from just being all about the Maharashtrian cuisine and Street food, towards being a plethora and conjuncture of various cuisines from all over the country.

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