4 Great Hair Straightening Treatments According to Your Hair Type

Who doesn’t love to feel their hair silky smooth and straight?

No one likes going out for a day with bad hair, frizzes, and tangles. But do you really think washing your hair with the costliest shampoo, conditioning it, and blow-drying it will be enough to keep your hair straight for the entire day?

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Gosh, No! It certainly won’t.

What you need is a good hair straightening treatment that will last for a long time so that you won’t have to pick up your straightener daily, waste 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time in the morning, and be late to the office again.

Before I started with keeping my hair straight (it’s a trend after all), I used to simply let it remain wavy and hang loose. But then it all changed from the moment I encountered some of the best hair straightening treatments I found online.

Before we even begin to choose the treatment, we need to understand the type of hair you have. Just like personalities – your hair too speaks for itself!

Choosing the wrong treatment for the wrong type of hair can be disastrous, so Fair Warning!

Knowing Your Hair Type

It will be surprising for you to know that there exist almost 12 different types of hair in women. Yes, 12! But we are not going to talk about all of them, only the major four, which are the most important to determine the type of treatment that you should go for.

So next time you go to that Beauty Salon lady, just tell her your hair type and she will give you the correct hair straightening treatment.

  1. Straight Hair Type
  2. Wavy Hair Type
  3. Curly Hair Type, and
  4. Kinky Hair Type

Straight Hair Type

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This is not so very common among Indian women, but you will find lots of girls belonging to the north-eastern region of the country with sleek and straight hair. If you are a north-eastern, well, please know, I envy you (A LOT)! I mean, how can someone have such amazing hair?

Well, coming back to the point, such hair types do not require any sort of hair straightening treatment as they are naturally straight, so pass!

The only problem they face is that people with straight hair tend to have greasy hair periods more than others. (well, god doesn’t give everyone everything, so…)

Wavy Hair Type

wavy hair hairstyle, hair straightening treatment

This hair type falls somewhere between straight and curly. They have small waves running from the top of their heads to the tip of the hair. It’s thicker than straight hair, but looks amazing. I personally love my hair, as it is wavy, although they do tend to go a bit frizzy at times. But no complaints!

Curly Hair Type

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This type of hair is very noticeable. In case you are a woman who enjoys straight hair when it’s wet, but goes back to being curly, as soon as it dries up, then you belong to this category.

Kinky Hair Type

hair straightening treatment, kinky hair

The people with very coarse and tight curls belong to this category. Maintaining a kinky hair type can be very difficult at times as they can easily get damaged or tangled up.

Which hair straightening treatment should I go for?

Now that we know the different hair types, let’s move to the different hair straightening treatments that are available for all these hair types.

Keratin Treatment

keratin treatment, hair straightening treatment

Or should I call it the Brazilian Straightening? Let’s start with what is keratin? It’s a protein that keeps your hair straight, sleek and shiny. So no wonder in this treatment, you can go for adding a layer of keratin to your hair, giving it the right amount of nutrients it needs.

This hair straightening treatment is the most suitable for kinky, curly and wavy hair types.

Thermal Treatment

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Most popularly known as the Japanese treatment, it is a conditioning treatment. From a country like Japan, you can obviously expect something genius, and that is exactly what happens here!

This treatment can completely reconfigure and restructure your hair to whatever you want. It is the most suitable for girls with kinky and curly hair.

Chemical Treatment

chemical hair straightening, chemical hair treatment

This type of hair straightening treatment can be quite risky, and crucial. So ladies, please make sure that you go for a professional who is well trained in chemical treatment, as in this method, it’s all about breaking the bonds in the hair.

Too many broken bonds can cause your hair to look dead and limp. My suggestion will be that girls with wavy and curly hair can go for it, as it can be quite risky for kinky hair types.

Flat Iron

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The simplest and the easiest option on this list, this is the perfect treatment for girls with straight hair and wavy hair. Simply use the flat iron on your hair, and it will give you a smooth and straight texture.

Although it does not last for a long time, it still is a better chemical-free solution for having a good hair day. This one is a particularly good hair straightening treatment option, given how it can be done at home as well.

With the situations we’re currently in, straightening your hair indoors, at home, is becoming increasingly preferable. Click here to have a look at some of the best and most reasonably priced hair straighteners.

So there we go, the best hair straightening treatments according to your hair type. All the best! Go get the perfect hair you want and look your stylish best!

Now here’s a special something: we at Beacon To Buyers believe in satisfying every person visiting us; the words ‘disappointed customer’ does not figure in our dictionary at all!

For those of you who, due to some reason, are wary of using hair straighteners or cannot buy one at the moment/are unable to get access to any of the hair straightening treatments suggested above, yet still want to have the straight hair look, don’t be downhearted! Here’s how you can still make it happen, with no hair straighteners involved at all!

Hair-care above everything else! Do not forget to have a look at some of our other articles to make sure your hair is the picture of beauty, perfection and regality! From hair masks to magnificent hairstyles, we have the right advice for everything!

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