9 Best Muscle Building Exercises

For any individual who is hoping to pack on some genuine mass, one of their top needs will be to figure out what the best preparing technique is. So, here are the 9 best muscle building exercises to pack on genuine muscle.

9 best muscle building exercises, muscle building exercises

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Say what now? 9 best muscle building exercises? NINE? Where and how on earth will I find the time to do all of them?!” Worry not, these exercises won’t take up more than 10 minutes of your time. Yes! Read on…

It’s prudent that you comprehend which components contribute the most to increasing muscles. Some of the people that I know have made themselves a good workout regime combined with some protein for muscle building.

Any such routine in gyms that uses these standards will frequently charge a lot. Therefore, I decided to write an article on, as the title says, the 9 best muscle building exercises that you can do by yourself at home.

In this stressful life, we have to keep up with the world. Exercise provides you with the boost to keep you charged and match the pace of the ever-moving world.

It will make you feel energized and enhance your efficiency of doing work with good performance. For this, you can schedule a quick exercise routine just for 9 or 10 minutes to strengthen your muscles.

So, without further ado, like we promised, here are the 9 best muscle building exercises you could do that will turn your life around!

The 9 Best Muscle Building Exercises

Bodyweight Squat

bodyweight squats, bodyweight exercises

The first one on the list is to do a set of Bodyweight Squats for a minute. It is good to start stretching your muscles. If you don’t do it correctly, you will end up hurting your knees.

Put your hands on the back of your head. Make sure that your legs are shoulder-width apart from each other. Now lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Do not press your knee forward when you bend down.


push ups benefits, push ups for beginners, push ups for chest, push ups workout, push ups exercise

The second of the 9 best muscle building exercises, push-ups help in developing your muscles around your shoulders and chest.

Do not put your knees on the ground, it will reduce the weight and pressure on your hands as well as imbalance your position. To increase the intensity, you can slowly move your hands backward.

Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing exercise, mountain climbing exercise benefits

The next one is mountain climbing. Okay, we know what just crossed your mind: “Yes, sure, NOW? In this situation? Have you lost it?” Relax, we don’t mean it literally, of course! This exercise involves only mimicking the position of the climber when they climb the mountain. The only difference is that it is done on the soft flat floor. 

This exercise is the complete package that helps strengthen your core, back, arms, etc. Elevate your upper body if you feel much strain on your wrist.

Step three of the set of the 9 best muscle building exercises is complete!

The best way that will help you to gain those muscles quickly and in the most effective way is also by taking supplements that are good for your body. Now, not all supplements are the right choice.

Therefore, you need to go through a complete guide on which supplements are best for you, and according to your diet which you will find in our guide – Top 5 Best Supplements for Health in India 2021.

Body Split Squats

body split squat squat split

The next on the list is body split squats. It mainly focuses on the muscles of the thighs and the abdominal parts. It will boost your swiftness to move very quickly. If you have an issue in balancing the body you can always rest your arms on the wall and do it close, up against the wall. You can skip jumping while doing it if you find it hard and straining.

Single-Leg Hip Raise

single-leg hip raise benefits, leg raises, single-leg hip raise muscles worked

The fifth exercise should be the single-leg hip raise. It is adapted from yoga and helps you get those abs, the abdominal parts and the muscles which face a lot of strains.

One can burn many calories by this exercise alone.

Keep your feet together and lift them up in the air by taking the support of your hand. Place your hands firmly and slowly pull your legs up in the air.

Burpee with Push-Ups

burpees exercise benefits, how to do burpees for beginners

One set should always be dedicated to burpee with push-ups, the next of the 9 best muscle building exercises. One should always take care that your body should be in control as you move. A piece of advice: do not make your back arch as it will give your legs a full range of motion.

Leg Raise

leg raise, leg raises benefits

Leg raise will tone your lower body and help in maintaining and improving your balance. It also targets on the hamstring. While starting out, do it near the wall, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Touch your feet with your palms and stretch your leg horizontally. Keep your body straight while doing it. Do it alternately with both legs simultaneously.

Jumping Jack

jumping jack, jumping jacks benefits

You should never skip doing the jumping jack in this exercise regime, which I think is one of the most important exercises in the list. Stand straight, legs together and arms at your side. It is a good cardiovascular exercise. Jump in the air and slightly bend your knees.

Spread your leg while jumping and stretch your arms over your head. It is a nice exercise as you move towards the end of your routine.

Pogo Hops

pogo hops, pogo hops exercise, 9 best muscle building exercises, muscle building

You can end your routine by doing a set of pogo hops. It will increase your cardiovascular health. Just stand straight on your toes and jump on the same position.

Keep doing it for a minute and you can end your routine for the day. Step nine of the 9 best muscle-building exercises complete. A complete fitness, HERE WE COME!

There! These were the 9 best muscle building exercises according to us. For anybody hoping to pack on some true muscle, one of the top needs will be to figure out what the best exercise to pursue is.

The above-given list is a very basic exercise routine that will not only help you build muscle, but also strengthen your core for it. There is a wide scope of various exercises accessible, so picking the one that will suit your needs best is significant.

Make it a point to try these out and let us know in the comments if these 9 best muscle building exercises made a difference to you in your journey to becoming fit and fab!

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