6 Top Practical Tips For Long Hair

Let’s start with a basic exercise. Close your eyes, and imagine – you have long silky hair, everyone who walks past you, glances back at you at least twice, you are able to effortlessly style your hair in any way you like, you are the envy of every party.

But (glass shatters) it’s a dream, right? It’s never going to come true…

long hair, long hair hairstyle

But what if I were to say, that at the end of this article, your dream of having gorgeously luscious long hair is going to come true? Don’t believe what I say? Well, read further to find out.

Every girl wants and hopes for long hair, some are just born and gifted with it, whereas some like you and me, fall into the unlucky category of having to ‘work for it’, and we have to manage by searching far and wide for some tips and tricks into achieving what we want.

As the famous saying goes though, nothing is impossible, because even impossible is I-M-Possible; and so is the dream of having long hair. I was born with hair that on growth, was accustomed to getting split ends, no matter what shampoo I used.

So, every time my hair grew longer, my mother would take me to the salon and get my hair cut short. Watching my friends style their long hair into a ponytail, a braid, open hairstyle, made me feel really bad about myself.

And I am sure, most of you girls reading this article are currently feeling the same. Well, don’t let the feeling overwhelm you, cause there is always a way of getting out from the ‘tangles’ (pun intended!) of life. Read along if you want to go from being Ms. Rough Hair Rosy to Rapunzel in a jiffy!

Snip, snip and snip

split ends hair, split ends, long hair

It might sound weird or outrageous to you, but getting your hair trimmed once in a while ensures that you do not get frequent split ends. Split ends can be the root cause of bad and frizzy hair.

I am not saying that trimming your hair will make it grow faster, but it will surely give you an appearance of increased length. Split ends can cause premature breakage of hair and unnecessary tangles. This may cause your hair to lose density and thickness, which is not a good sign of having long hair.

So, yes, please remember: want long hair? Say goodbye to split ends, your worst enemy!

Say no to blonde

blonde, blonde hair, blonde hair colour, long hair

Never ever dye your hair blonde! It’s a red signal towards achieving long hair. The color blonde requires lots of bleach that may deteriorate the overall health of your hair.

It will cause your roots to become brittle, damaged and at the end of it, split ends, ready to say hello AGAIN. Not only blonde, but my suggestion will also be to never dye your hair any color. Chemicals are not good for your hair, and that’s not a new thing.

So, never forget: If you want to say yes to long hair, say a hard NO to dying it blonde (or any colour)!

Brushing before bed

boar bristle hairbrush, long hair, hair brush

No, I do not mean the teeth brushing part (although I’m not asking you not to brush your teeth before bed). What I mean is brushing your hair before bed.

Try not to use a normal teethed comb, but a boar bristle brush as it will help you to spread the natural oils from your scalp into your hair. This will make sure that your hair is well-hydrated and moisturized.

So, from next time girls – do not be lazy, and brush your hair no matter how tired or sleepy you are, and just like that, you’re a step closer to the long hair you’ve yearned to have for so long!

Eating Healthy

healthy hair, healthy hair tips, healthy food for hair

Ladies, the key to everything good is through the stomach. You want to improve your brain capacity, eat walnuts; you want to increase your bone density, eat calcium-related foods, and similarly – you want to increase the length of your hair, eat a lot of protein.

Protein is really good for your hair length. It strengthens the roots. Instead of eating too much meat, go for fish. Fish is a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins – all of it contributing towards increasing the thickness and length of your hair.

Never heat your hair

heating hair, heating hair rollers, long hair

Yes, it may be very tempting- to style your hair into curls, straight and so much more. But did you know that heating your hair can cause it irreversible damage? Too much heat can cause it to become frizzy and lead to premature breakage. So, try to avoid heating your hair.

I know, straightening your hair seems tempting, it’s a trend nowadays, after all. Do you know that it’s possible to straighten your hair naturally? Yes! No chemicals involved, and you still get the straight hair look!

Go without shampooing for a day or two

long hair, shampoo long hair

There are online articles that advise people to shampoo their hair daily. That is something I will ask you to avoid. Shampooing your hair daily will make it dry and at some point in time, it will slowly degrade the color and shine of your hair.

Try to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. This will ensure that you are ensuring that the natural oils from your scalp spreads to your hair and moisturizes it.

So, there goes my tips and tricks for achieving the dreamy length you have always wished for. Make sure that you try each and every one of them. Also, an additional point that I would like to add here, is that you must try oiling your hair at least once a week. It will certainly help you in increasing the strength of your hair, bring back the shine, along with increasing the length of your hair. Long live long hair!

Here’s another tip for you to make sure that your hair stays long, luscious and healthy for a long, long time to come! Hair care is self care! Now that you have sure-shot ways of having long, thick and silky queen-like hair, have a look at some amazing long hairstyles. Go, be the queen you were born to be!

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