South Bombay’s Best Places – Explore The Top 5 Pubs in Town

South Bombay – History, Origin, Why to visit?

South Bombay is the main tourist hub, surrounded by the commotion, crowd, traffic, markets, and vendors. This area can be considered as the heart of Mumbai, where you can find everything old to new, starting from the periodical architectures to the modern age chronicles.

Abbreviated as SoBo (South Bombay), this place is the melting point for old Bombay’s culture, history, and lifestyle.

The most famous place in SoBo is the Colaba, which consists of an unending list of tourist attraction points to visit. The Colaba Causeway is a haven for shoppers, where you can shop to your heart’s content. Places in South Bombay are full of life. Another place is the Khotachiwadi Village, which is known for being a popular picture point in South Bombay, where you can enjoy a walk down its lane while capturing memories in your camera.

A ferry ride to the Elephanta Caves is also not a bad option if you are looking for a delightful afternoon spent in exploration of the medieval era.

Like every city, South Bombay comes with a mainstream raucous nightlife. Whether it be decadent, energetic, exotic, or glamorous, the pubs of South Bombay have it all. Life in South Bombay is breezy. You can choose to enjoy the nightlife of South Bombay either by sitting on the Marine Drive, watching the waves crashing while sipping on a cup of tea, or you can opt to have the liveliest night of your life by crawling through the pubs of South Bombay!

Colaba Social

One of the top 5 Pubs in South Bombay - Colaba Social
Top Pubs in South Bombay – Colaba Social

Home to government structures beholding back to the British Era, and having experienced a renaissance as the social centre point of Mumbai, Colaba Social immediately asserted the crown for the spot to see and be seen.

Social started off from Bangalore and New Delhi, which were massive successes and much like its two antecedents, Colaba Social likewise, makes a solid design articulation and resembles to come straight from the Meat-Packing District in New York. Incomplete exposed dividers are facilitated in with rich leather couches while the skeletal table and brace lights, add solid lines to the huge public tables.

With minimum changes made to the periodic space, use of constrained material and inventive utilization of old furniture, this place keeps the majority of the old compositional highlight unblemished, holding the property’s unique floors, windows and entryways.

The most remarkable addition to Colaba Social is the Cocktail Kitchen, which serves you the most exotic drinks, that are innovative and refreshing at the same time. The average cost per person at Colaba Social will be around Rs. 2000.

Their bar menu consists of a plethora of drinks under the tags of Social Signatures, Twisted Classics, Sparklers, The Longest Long Island Iced Tea and many more.

Leopold Cafe

Established in the year 1871, Leopold Café is one of the oldest, largest and most popular bar and restaurant in Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway.

One of the most charming cafes in South Bombay
Charming café in South Bombay

It was founded by the Iranis, also known as Zoroastrians, after their arrival in the 19th century in Mumbai. Most of these migrating Iranis opened restaurants, and bars which are now called Irani cafes. It is one of the oldest restaurants in South Bombay.

Leopold café, in its initial years used to be a grocery store with a pharmacy and restaurant. Hence, it had the name of ‘Leopold café & Stores’.

The Leopold Café is mainly known to be a foreign tourist HubSpot, because of the ambience provided by the café, as well as the delicious continental food served by them. It is ranked as one of the best restaurants in South Mumbai.

The Leopold Café has a very iconic and periodic design as its interior, which is very simple and subtle. The café is always full of people and their bar is one of the major crowd pullers.


The Leopold Cafe finds it’s mention in a novel called the Shantaram, which is about an Australian heroin addict and bank robber.

Did you know, that the Leopold Café was the first building to be targeted by the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attack, with gun fires and grenade. The terrorist spent almost 1 and a half hour in the café before moving towards their major target, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Leopold Café is one of the most visited places in South Mumbai. Even after suffering extensive damage, the Café has retained some of it, as a memorial to the dead.

Cafe Mondegar

Like the Leopold Café, Café Mondegar too is one of the oldest and iconic bar cum restaurant of Mumbai. It was established in the year 1932, by a Parsi settler that came to India.

The building used to house a hotel called the Apollo Hotel, and the café initially started out as a small cafeteria in the lobby area of the hotel.

Try the best food in South Bombay
Try the best food in South Bombay

The Café Mondegar has quite a history, as it was the first café in Mumbai to have introduced the Jukebox in the 20th Century. Soon it was transformed from a cafeteria to a restaurant, and later into a bar cum restaurant. It is one of the oldest places in South Bombay.

The owners of the café are Rusi Yazdegardi and Hoshang Yazdegardi, and they have been running the café in a partnership from years.

The inside of the café is remarkable as the walls and ceilings of the café are painted by the murals of Mario Miranda. Mario Miranda was an Indian painter based in Goa. He also was an exceptional cartoonist.

Mario Miranda was asked to paint murals on two opposite walls of the café which are adjacent to the main entryway. Both the walls are painted in two different themes. One depicts the ‘Life in Mumbai’, whereas the other speaks about the ‘Atmosphere in café’.

Havana Café And Bar

The Havana Café & Bar is Mumbai’s first Cuban bar with a restaurant’s concept. The Café has a Fidel-themed ambience, and is popular for serving some of the best mojitos in the city. Popular for youngsters in South Bombay.

The exquisite wicker furniture with Cuban designed fedora lampshades, add to the overall atmosphere of the café.

Find delicious Cuban Food in South Bombay
Cuban Food in South Bombay

The Havana Café offers a quiet relaxing and calm environment during the daytime, but it morphs into a raucous club, as soon as the night rolls in with the DJ playing everything from hip-hop to Bollywood. This is what makes the restaurant so unique and happening.

The Bar Stock Exchange

Find beautiful bars in South Bombay
Bar Stock Exchange in South Bombay

The Bar Stock Exchange is one of the most unique places that you could ever hope to visit, not only in Mumbai but all over India. It is one of the best places in South Mumbai. The entire concept of the Bar is based on the famous stock exchange, where they allow their customers to trade in spirits and alcohol.

The environment formed during the trading is very competitive, where you have to make sure that you make a great exchange in the deal with conversations itself. It is considered to be the best South Bombay bar. The prices of the drinks will start as low as the retail price, which will keep increasing based on the rate of consumption of your favorite drink.

It is one of the most technologically advanced bars, where you can order drinks and food from an Android or iOS device.

The Bar Stock Exchange has taken the nation by storm with its unique trading concept, and it has also been added to many ‘must visit’ lists for foreigners in several websites and planners.


The South Bombay overpowers, entrances and charms. It is a blend of everything and anything that has been a puzzle to many tourists and guests. You can catch the rhythm of South Bombay with the clamour and warmth offered by the city and you will be sucked into the enchantment of it.

The likeliness of South Bombay is frequently drawn with New York, another lumpy and captivating city that doesn’t rest, where individuals originate from everywhere throughout the nation to experience their fantasies, and the horizon, particularly around evening time that can leave you speechless.

Packed with millions of people, South Bombay has been viewed as advancing and modernizing its periodic interims for almost over 30 years- in spite of the fact that the disarray and vitality of the city are still continuing as before. It is easy to find restaurants in south Mumbai.

One of the best places to eat in South Bombay will be the Kala Ghoda Café, concealed in a small lane, in what is regularly called the workmanship, art locale district of Mumbai. This modest, honest bistro is a relaxing spot to take a break from the frenzy of the city. In case, you have shopping in your mind, then Bungalow 8 and Forest Essentials should be your next stop, as both of these shops are known for housing an impeccable collection of fashionable clothes, furnishings, home decors, and other items.

The Cafes of South Bombay are one of a kind, especially the Irani cafes, as each of them reflects a brief history of the past, either through their interiors or by the food they serve. The people are very friendly, and the environment is lively. You will never get tired of the places in and around South Bombay, as each of them has something different to offer and explore.

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