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Cuisine of Pushkar

The cooking at the restaurants in Pushkar is very much influenced by the traditional Rajasthani Cuisine. The famous food in Pushkar is a derivative of diverse cuisine, resulting from the blend of the war-like lifestyle of the Rajputs, and the availability of ingredients in the arid region.

The Pushkar famous food is generally made so that it can be stored for days and consumed without heating. The scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have also impacted the Pushkar food and their way of cooking.

Pushkar food is mainly vegetarian because of the number of religious temples present in the vicinity. The places to eat in Pushkar have transformed over the course of time. The famous food in Pushkar has adapted to different styles of cuisine.

There are many places to eat in Pushkar. One can experience the culture while tasting the delicious food items. Puskar food is known for the variety of chutneys (sauce) made out of turmeric, mint, coriander, and garlic. Restaurants in Pushkar many local delicacies.

Another famous delicacy is their Pyaaz Kachori (Onion filled snack), and Mirchi Bada (Chilli Fritter). All these are part of the famous Pushkar food. The streets or Galis are flooded with Puskar food. Food is not just fuel for people in Pushkar, it is an emotion as well.

Some of the Pushkar famous food, its origins, and places to eat in Pushkar

Despite the fact that Pushkar food is also influenced by Rajput cuisine, which mostly relies on non-vegetarian dishes, the places to eat in Pushkar are said to be holy, and hence Non-Vegetarian food at restaurants in Pushkar and Dhaba (roadside restaurant) are forbidden. But people, having their residence away from temples, do tend to prepare non-vegetarian dishes at home. Non-vegetarian items are not part of the famous food in Pushkar.

The most noteworthy tradition of the Pushkar famous food is that they never refer to their sweet dishes as ‘desserts’. The reason behind this is that desserts are served after the main course is over, unlike in Pushkar, where sweet dishes are served all around the course of the meal. It is also served at many restaurants in Pushkar. Sweet is the famous food in Pushkar. It might be served before, after, or during the course of the meal.

The Pushkar famous sweet dishes are the Balushahi (a syrupy sweet dish), Churma (cooked in clarified butter and sugar), DilKhushaal (cooked with almond, gram flour, condensed milk, clarified butter, and sugar), and Ghevar (disc-shaped, sweet cake). All these ingredients bring out the best and the most famous food in Pushkar.

The imperial legacy of the district just as the gastronomic excitement among local people has prompted a wide assortment of delicious and dazzling Pushkar food beginning from principle courses to tidbits to sweet dishes at many restaurants in Pushkar overlooking the ghats. A few things like Dal-Baati-Churma and Bikaneri Bhujia (a crispy snack made with gram flour) also known as the famous food in Pushkar have collected both national and worldwide prevalence among foodies.

Ganga Restaurant – Lafa and Falafel

Ganga Restaurant is one of the famous places to eat in Pushkar. They serve Lafa Falafel which is a famous food in Pushkar.
Places to eat in Pushkar: Ganga Restaurant

Lafa Falafel is one of the most famous food in Pushkar, found in every nook and corner. A dish served at the streets, home, and restaurants in Pushkar. But the most interesting fact is that the falafel is not an Indian origin dish but a Middle-Eastern dish. It was never meant to be part of the famous food in Pushkar.

The Lafa Falafel can be of two types- one which is a deep-fried ball made with chickpeas, with some tasty filling inside it, and the other being a flatbread, rolled with fillings of falafel comprising of ground chickpeas, beans, herbs, and spices. These ingredients were borrowed from the middle east. The combination of these ingredients has paved way for Lafa Falafel into the Pushkar food group. Ganga Restaurant is one of the most famous places to eat in Pushkar.

It is a vegetarian snack, and hence very popular around the Pushkar food map. This dish is served at many restaurants in Pushkar. The falafel balls are wrapped inside a pita (flatbread) and are served with some salad or pickle, along with some spicy sauce to garnish it with. This dish is probably a surprise in the list of Pushkar famous food.

The origin of the dish is very complicated. It is still strange to think how it made its way to the collection of the Pushkar famous food. The restaurants in Pushkar have innovated and added their own twists to enhance the dish. The changes are also part of incorporating a foreign dish into the Pushkar food list. According to some theories, it is said that the falafel was first made by the Egyptians around 1000 years ago, as a replacement for meat. Whereas, other theories suggest that it came from the Indian Subcontinent, and was brought to the West by the Turks and Arabs.

Kadi Kachori Place (Near Jain Mandir)

The Kachori is a fried dumpling and is a famous spicy snack that is said to have originated in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. Over a period of time, it entered the Pushkar food scenes. Kadi Kachori place near Jain Mandir is one of the many places to eat in Pushkar.

It is now present at many restaurants in Pushkar. The ingredients are essentials to bring out the flavors of the Pushkar famous food, kachori. It is a flattened round ball, made out of flour, and has a filling of a baked mixture such as moong dal (a variant of pulse), gram flour, urad dal (crushed horse bean), pepper, chili powder, and some other spices. It is responsible for the boom of the famous food in Pushkar.

In the Rajasthani cuisine of Pushkar, Kachoris can be found in other variants such as the Pyaaj kachori (filled with onions), the Mawa Kachori (a sweet variant dipped in sugar syrup), and the most famous local delicacy- the Kadi Kachori. It slowly emerged as the famous food in Pushkar.

What makes Kadi Kachori different from other variants of Kachori is that it is served with a Kadi. Pushkar food is incomplete without kadi. Out of all the places to eat in Pushkar, Kadi Kachori place is the best. The kadi is another Indian origin dish, also a famous food in Pushkar, which is basically a gravy made out of chickpea flour and dahi (yogurt). The dish usually comes with pakoras (fritters), but in this case, it is served with the Kachori.

Coming to Pushkar, and going back without having a bite of this delicious preparation is an incredible loss. The places to eat in Pushkar are growing day by day. As tourism increases, the popularity of Pushkar food also reaches new heights. It is vital to taste the Pushkar famous food for a divine experience.

A famous Indian author by the name of Banarasidas, mentions in his biographical that he bought a Kachori daily in the city of Indore in the year 1613, as he couldn’t get over the taste of it. It is definite that if he visited the places to eat in Pushkar, he would be mind-blown.

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar – Puri Sanji, Malpua, Kalakand

Pushkar food also comprises of famous Puri Sabji or Puri Bhaji. It is another traditional dish of North India that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is a famous breakfast dish for most Indian households. This dish at famous restaurants in Pushkar is worth trying. Breakfast eateries are also part of the famous food in Pushkar. Amongst the sweet items, Malpua and Kalakand are part of the Pushkar famous sweet dishes’ cohort in the region.

The Puri is around deep-fried preparation made out of whole-grain wheat or maida (a variant of lour which is finely milled, without bran, bleached and refined). Pushkar is incomplete with the Aalu (potato) Sabji, which is a spicy preparation of potato with curry leaves, coriander, and other herbs.

The Sabji can be dry or gravy. When it’s dry, it is regarded as Aalu Bhaji, whereas when it’s gravy, it is regarded as Aalu Sabji. If one wishes to try out this dish locally. There are places to eat in Pushkar, which make the best Aalu bhaji.

It is a famous food in Pushkar, also consumed as a street snack. It is a popular vegetarian dish amongst the masses. Traditional Indian families start their day with a cup of tea and a plate of Puri Sabji, as a part of their daily routine.


Another option for Puri Sabji – Shop in front lane of LMB by name ‘Krishna Sweets’ and ‘Agarwal Namkeen Bhandar’

Pushkar Famous Sweet Dishes - Malpua and Kalakand
Pushkar Famous Sweet Dishes – Malpua and Kalakand

Malpua And Kalakand

Pushkar food is known for its sweet dishes, as they can be consumed by people in and around any course of the meal, at any time of the day. Pushkar famous sweet dishes are available at every nook and corner of the town. The people of Pushkar do not need any special occasion to serve a sweet dish. Pushkar famous sweet dishes are cooked regularly by the women of the household and are a part of their daily eating regime.

The people of Pushkar believe in starting their day with something sweet, which will make their entire day sweet. And Malpua is a major part of the Pushkar famous sweet dishes. Even at many restaurants in Pushkar, sweet is served after each meal. People eat it for breakfast which is not only popular in India, but also in countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Malpua is an Indian-origin dish and falls under both dessert and snack. Dessert, because it’s very sweet and snack because it’s a fried preparation. There is an endless list of places to try Pushkar food. Local dessert shops work with restaurants in Puskar to produce the best Malpua.

The Malpua is also part of the street food hub which is one of the famous places to eat in Pushkar. It is a pancake-like dish prepared with ripe bananas or coconut, flour, milk, and water. It is fried in oil and served hot. In Pushkar food, the Malpua is sometimes served with Malai (homogenized whole milk), which makes it more delicious. Restaurants in Pushkar can replicate the homemade Malpua with perfection.

The history of Malpua is also very interesting. Barley was the most productive grain consumed by the Arya (the term for the Indic people) of the Vedic time frame. One such preparation was a Pushkar famous sweet cake called apūpa, where balls made of barley flour, either boiled in water or fried and later served with honey. Malpua is a blend of both the name and the fundamentals of this delicacy.

Another noteworthy dish is the Kalakand and is a major Pushkar famous sweet dish. All the restaurants in Pushkar engage with the local sweet maker to cook the best dish possible. The Kalakand is a solidified preparation of paneer (fresh cheese) and sweetened milk. It is impossible to not think of Pushkar food while eating Kalakand.

The Kalakand is mostly consumed in the days of the Diwali Festival (an Indian festival of lights) and is also a popular dish in Pakistan.

Mahakal Matka Kulfi – Local Kulfi

Matka Kulfi is a famous food in Pushkar
Matka Kulfi – Famous food in Pushkar

The Mahakal Matka Kulfi is a famous food in Pushkar for serving the best Kulfi you can ever taste. It has gained popularity as one of the must-visit places to eat in Pushkar. Tourists visiting the place, never miss a chance to slurp on this traditional Indian Ice cream. It has become an integral part of the Pushkar famous sweet dishes.

It is a frozen dairy dessert, brought by the Mughals to the Indian Subcontinent, and is a popular dessert across countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, and many more including the Middle Eastern Countries. With continuous transformation and addition of traditional flavors, it is now famous food in Pushkar.

Amid the Mughal Era, a blend of condensed milk was enhanced with pistachios and saffron, and later, pressed into metal cones and submerged in slurry ice, which brought about the innovation of Kulfi.

The Kulfi is very similar in appearance to ice cream but what makes it different is the texture, which is much thicker and creamier. Kulfi ranks high as a famous food in Pushkar.

You can find various flavors of kulfi in Mahakal Matka Kulfi at restaurants in Pushkar and they are known for introducing new variants in taste regularly. Pushkar food consists of the most popular flavors like Mango, Elaichi (cardamom), Saffron, Rose, and Strawberry. Restaurants in Pushkar have kulfis on a stick as well as Matka.

An interesting fact about Kulfi that makes it better than ice cream is that due to its thick texture, the Kulfi takes a longer time to melt than an ice-cream. Try to eat the kulfi from a local vendor instead of the restaurants in Pushkar.

Coffee Temple – Masala tea

A striking characteristic of the people of India is that they are in love with the idea of ‘Tea’. There doesn’t exist a perfect time of the day, where you can take tea, as according to us, tea can be consumed at any time of the day. Tea is an inevitable part of Pushkar food.

If you visit any Indian household, the first thing that you will be served as an adornment to guests will be tea with some snacks. Restaurants in Pushkar also make decent tea. A lot of workers sit at the restaurants after a hard day of work to sip their teas.

India is amongst one of the largest tea producers all over the world, and also ranks in the Top 5 countries for the highest per capita tea consumers. The restaurants in Pushkar offer both coffee and tea to the customers. Make sure to ask for the desired drink.

Assam and Darjeeling tea are some of the most popular tea producers in India. Pushkar food would be incomplete without including tea in its condiments.

The Masala Tea is one of the variants of tea preparation, where various spices and herbs are used to add a spicy aromatic flavor to the tea.

The Masala tea is also locally referred to as ‘masala chai’ is prepared using a decoction of cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper, and tea leaves, immersed in water, and boiled until it starts releasing a significant aroma of spices.

The Coffee Temple of Pushkar is a café that is a popular place to eat in Pushkar. They are well-known for serving the best beverage around and their specialty is the Masala Tea, which is a must-try.

Ice Breaker

Pushkar food is famous for its annual Pushkar Fair, where the trading of livestock takes place, but another thing that is known for is its remarkable cuisine, which makes it a haven for food lovers. Pushkar food is also highlighted in this event.

There is no lack of Pushkar food at small restaurants in Pushkar or the Galis. The Galis (lanes) of Pushkar are filled with stalls and shops waiting for you to dive into and taste their scrumptious dishes. Places to eat in Pushkar often go unnoticed.

These fairs give the owners of restaurants in Pushkar an opportunity to bring the Pushkar food to the vicinity of people. The Pushkar famous food will leave you with mouth-watering, spicy, sweet, and full of aromas.

Although the town is a holy pilgrimage place, and strictly prohibits the consumption of Non-Vegetarian dishes, Pushkar food has come up with some very unique vegetarian meals and sweet dishes, which are sure to make you forget all about meaty dishes.

Incorporating vegetarian dishes like Lafa Falafel into their Pushkar famous dish has broadened the scope of cuisine. It is also important to step out of the restaurants in Pushkar and check out the street food.

There is an unlimited option for Pushkar food available, ranging from street food, chat (snack) houses, roadside stalls, and restaurants with their flavourful dishes. The most famous food in Pushkar is from the local stalls. Coming to Pushkar will make you wish for a bigger appetite, as the dishes are so tasty, you would be wishing to try each and every one of them.

As you have walked down the streets with me, you tasted the famous food in Pushkar comprising of masala tea, malpua, puri sabzi, kulfi, and whatnot. But another dish that I would strongly recommend you to try will be the Dal-Bati-Churma, which is a local delicacy. Make sure to try all the Pushkar famous food.

In case you wish to explore something different, you can also visit the hippie cafes around the town, and taste their pizzas, sandwiches, omelets, and burgers. These restaurants in Pushkar bring the west to the east. The Laughing Buddha Café, and Out of the Blue are two of the most famous places to eat in Pushkar. The chocolate pudding of Laughing Buddha café, and the Pasta and Spaghetti dishes are out of the Blue. They are a must-try.

Another remarkable attraction of Pushkar famous food is the Tea Stall Hawkers. You can find them in every street, and the interesting part is that they will be brewing the tea right in front of your eyes and serving it to you piping hot.

So you can not only taste the tea but also witness the art of making it. The hawkers are very skillful and will display various manners in the preparation of tea, which makes it entertaining. Major stalls will serve you the tea in a Matka, which is an earthen pot and is believed to elevate the flavor of the tea leaves.

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